H2020 Green Mobility

ECOCHAMPS - European COmpetitiveness in Commercial Hybrid and AutoMotive PowertrainS   REWARD - REal World Advanced Technologies foR Diesel Engines  

HDGAS - Heavy Duty Gas Engines integrated into Vehicles

SMARTRAIL - Smart Supply Chain Oriented Rail Freight Services        

FP7 Green Mobility

TRANSFORMERS - Configurable and Adaptable Trucks and Trailers for Optimal Transport Efficiency   OPTIMORE - Optimised Modular Range Extender for every day customer usage    ASTERICS -

FP7 Road Safety

ASPECSS - Assessment methodologies fo rforward looking integrated Pedestrain   THORAX - Thoracic Injury Assessment for Improved Vehicle Safety    

FP7 Urban Mobility

CIVITAS WIKI - Coordination, dissemination and evaluation of CIVITAS Plus II "    CIVITAS POINTER - Support Action for Evaluation and Monitoring of CIVITAS Plus    

FP7 Maritime

NAVTRONIC - Navigational System for Efficient Maritime Transport   SECTRONIC - Security Systems for Maritime Infrastructure, Ports and Coastal Zones   BLUE MINING - Breakthrough Solutions for the Sustainable Eploration and Extraction of Deep Sea Resources